RadioKlone 2.8.0

Stream and record radio stations


  • Tons of radio stations to choose from
  • Automatically updates list of streams


  • Many stations don't work
  • Doesn't auto detect beginning or end of songs
  • No scheduling

Not bad

RadioKlone is a simple internet radio streaming and recording application.

There are tons of local radio stations from across the world who broadcast their streams over the internet. With RadioKlone, you can listen or record these stations for free.

RadioKlone presents radio stations by genres and divides them up alphabetically by radio station name. There are tons of radio stations to choose from so browsing through them can be annoying. Unfortunately there's no search.

Although RadioKlone has a ton of different radio streams, a majority of them don't seem to work. Trying radio station after radio station, only a few would work. Recording is very basic. Choose when to start recording by hitting the "record" button. There's no automatic detection of when a song begins or ends so you'll have to actively monitor the stream.

Overall, RadioKlone proved disappointing as many radio stations wouldn't work and its features are very basic.

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RadioKlone 2.8.0

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